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Festive Places & Occasions


Festive Places & Occasions

Festivals and fun

Our community and others nearby offer some of the best big-time small-town fun around. View Coats calendar for specific dates

Annual Coats Farmers’ Day

Perhaps the oldest farmers’ day in the region, the Annual Coats Farmers’ Day is held every fall in the heart of the town. While the attractions have changed since the early days—events used to consist of competitions in field crops, garden products, and canning—the Annual Coats Farmers’ Day now includes a golf tournament, a tractor show, live music, a kids’ park, assorted competitions and races, an antique-car show, military displays, a pig cook-off, judged crafts and baked goods, and street dance. For more information about this year’s farmers’ day, visit the Coats Chamber of Commerce Web site or call (910) 897-6213.

Coats Farmer’s Day Golf Tournament

Tee up for the Farmer’s Day Golf Tournament, which takes place every fall. This is the day we all trade in our tractors for golf carts. Come out to enjoy a fun day for yourself and your colleagues! Please see the Coats Chamber of Commerce Web site or the Chicora Country Club events calendar for information about this year’s tournament, to be held in the fall.

Annual Coats Chamber Bluegrass in the Park

This is a chance to invite your big-city neighbors to our community. Every fall, the Coats Chamber of Commerce sponsors a toe-tapping, family friendly Bluegrass in the Park festival. Get ready to enjoy all sorts of diversions, including live music, of course. Bring a picnic, the family, and friends, and who knows? You might even have a chance to show off your dancing talents! For ticket information, visit the Coats Chamber of Commerce Web site.

National Hollerin' Contest, Spivey’s Corner

Held the third Saturday in June each year, the hugely popular National Hollerin’ Contest of otherwise-sleepy Spivey’s Corner is an event you won’t want to miss. The contest has gained national attention in past years, with winners now appearing regularly on The Late Show with David Letterman! The day’s events feature five contests—the Whistlin’ Contest, the Conch Shell and Fox Horn Blowin’ Contest, the Junior Hollerin’ Contest, the Ladies Callin’ Contest, and, of course, the National Hollerin’ Contest. Not to miss anyone, the contest also brings to the area such fun as singing, dancing, games, arts and crafts, delicious food, and family entertainment. Visit the contest’s official Web site for more information about the contest and the next event.

Fourth of July Celebration at the County Seat, Lillington

Hosted every Independence Day in the town of Lillington, the celebration includes entertainment, food, children’s games and activities, exhibits, and, of course, fireworks. Come on out and sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” with friends and family. Call our friends at (919) 893-3751 for more information.

Crepe Myrtle Celebration, Angier

An annual festival just down the road in Angier is the Crepe Myrtle Celebration. Come on out to see the beautiful crepe myrtles of the area, arts and crafts, food, entertainment, rides, and fun for all ages. Call our pals at (919) 639-2500 for further information.

Benson Mule Days

The Benson Mule Days roll around the fourth week of September each year as a celebration of the event’s namesake, the heralded mule. Events include mule pulling contests, rodeos, a parade, bluegrass music, clogging, and street dances. For more information about this bucking good time, call our friends at (919) 894-3825.

Denim Days, Erwin

Erwin, also known as “the denim capital of the world,” hosts its annual Denim Days celebration the first weekend of October. Attractions go beyond the town’s most-beloved fabric. Arts and crafts, a car show, a street dance, military displays, a parachute jump, a road race, children’s games, and other entertainment provide a variety of amusements for everyone. Call up our friends at (910) 897-7300 for more information about this year’s celebration.

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