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The Administration Department consists of the offices of Town Manager, Town Clerk and Town Attorney. These positions are the only three positions appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Town Board.

A primary role of the Administration Department is both interdepartmental and intergovernmental relations where members coordinate communication and cooperation between and among Town departments, other public agencies, and the private sector; as well as federal and state agencies and helps support the operation of the Mayor’s Office in similar activities.

The Administrative team works to help ensure the Town of Coats is a community which is safe, economically viable, environmentally healthy, and offers a quality of life that exceeds the expectations of our citizens.

The administrative head of the Town of Coats government is the Town Manager. The Mayor and Town Board of Commissioners appoint the Town Manager who is responsible for the efficient administration of all departments under his supervision. The Manager carries out the duties, policies and assignments established by the Town Charter, Code of Ordinances, and the Town Board. The Manager supervises personnel and oversees the day to day functions of the Town.

Town Manager
Kenneth C. Cole

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