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Planning, Zoning & Inspections 

Welcome to the Planning, Zoning & Inspections Department

Development and Regulations Zoning Ordinances

The Zoning Ordinance controls basic land use regulation.  The primarily focus is specifying which land uses are permitted in each zone.  The Zoning Ordinance also provides detailed standards on how permitted uses may be carried out, such as setbacks, minimum street frontage, landscaping, parking, signage, flood hazards, etc. 

The on-line version of the Town of Coats Zoning Ordinance has been placed on this site for your convenience.

The most up to date Zoning Map can be found on Harnett County GIS webpage at

The on-line version of the Town of Coats Watershed Protection Regulations has been placed on this site for your convenience.

Subdivision Regulations

The Subdivision Ordinance outlines the specification of standards regarding establishment of common improvements, such as pavement standards of roads and utilities, right-of-way dedication, and how they will be laid out and constructed. 

The on-line version of the Town of Coats Subdivision Regulations and Standards Specifications & Standard Details (2017) have been placed on this site for your convenience.

Zoning Permit and Building Permit

The Harnett County Inspection department provides building inspections services for the Town of Coats including -- the construction of buildings; the installation of facilities as plumbing systems, electrical systems, heating systems, the maintenance of buildings in a safe, sanitary and healthful condition, etc... 

Per the agreement between Coats and Harnett Co. Central Permitting, no building permit can be issued for any construction, repair, or improvement to any land or structure within the Town of Coats & surrounding ETJ unless a zoning permit has been issued or comparable approval has been given by the Town of Coats Planning & Zoning Department.  Zoning Permits can be filled out at Town Hall 25 E Main Street, or online by downloading the Zoning Permit on the town website and emailing to Town Manager at  

Visit the Harnett County Inspection Department web site for Construction Permit applications.